Pris AU:

Promise to keep it?
If I ask you tomorrow if you have it and you say no, then I’ll be really hurt.
I guess you’ll just have to make it up to me some other way if you don’t.

Chris frowned down at the flower in his hand that time seemed to have had no affect on at all. It was all he had left of Peter after he had moved away, and all he had left of him after he and his family had burned down in the fire. 


I was kinda half asleep and dreaming about Sarek saying things to Amanda about human customs and he just tells her to watch “Attaching the Correct Price”and I woke up laughing because my sense of humor is lame.


So sorry about the delay. We’ve had a bit of a crisis here at AFS headquarters and essentially, the episode is not at the quality Jake and I want it to be at. HOWEVER. We promised you today so I thought I’d ask.

Would you guys like the full rough cut of the first episode (which is VERY close to…

I would love to see it today. I mean it’d be just like a pilot and I’ll love it regardless of the small bugs.


Chris Pine seems like the kind of guy who sits at the Adults table at Thanksgiving but keeps turning back to the kiddie table to laugh at their jokes

to boldly go

is michelle obama real

I’m going to kill you dead.

star trek in colors » blue


~* crime scene selfie *~


~* crime scene selfie *~

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